Our logo was designed to reflect our informal approach to a prosaic profession. We are different. We know the world of law can be difficult, and it doesn’t have to be. We bring fresh ideas and straightforward solutions to the table. Without airs, we are a down-to-earth team that brings you clarity in a world of complexity.


Our Mission

Moyles IP is a relationship-driven law firm that prides itself on providing outstanding global solutions across a broad spectrum of challenging IP issues for sophisticated clients who value an honest approach.

About Us

Moyles IP, LLC (formerly Moyles and Tremblay Law, LLC) is a boutique law firm focused primarily on protecting Intellectual Property (IP) rights of our domestic and international clients. We enjoy helping our clients maximize the value of their IP rights and utilize our extensive experience working within corporate legal departments and in private practice to bring you practical legal knowledge in a relaxed, informal way. Moyles IP (formerly Moyles and Tremblay Law) was named a 2016 Law Firm 500 Honoree emphasizing our growth, operational excellence, and commitment to client service—distinguishing us as ranking ninth among the top one-hundred fastest growing law firms in America.

At Moyles IP, LLC, our team of experienced attorneys and professionals help guide, create, and manage your IP portfolio. We serve a growing number of domestic and international clients—from small to mid-sized companies—manage their IP assets. We utilize our developed expertise in patents, trade secrets, trademarks, copyrights, licensing and IP-related transactions, IP due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, and management of IP litigation, to help serve your business needs.

We understand that legal matters can be intimidating. We assess your needs and concerns, offering you seasoned advice communicated in a way that is easily understood and, at the same time, knowing that you have a team working with you. With a broad network of colleagues with various areas of expertise—both domestically and globally—we are able to direct our clients to those whom we trust. If needed, we can also direct you to qualified counsel outside our area of expertise.

We understand the demands of facing real legal issues with a limited corporate budget. We also realize that a large law firm can be costly and rigid in its practices. Too often, these law firms aren’t prepared to meet the legal challenges of smaller clients due to high overhead costs, establishing policies, and implementing robust legal practices.

Unlike other firms, we are able to act as our clients’ in-house counsel, providing prompt access to sound legal advice and procedures, as if we are just located down the hall, without the overwhelming costs that would be accrued with a large firm. We are very personable and encourage you to pick up the phone or meet with us in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss your legal concerns.


We are built on a foundation of respect and responsibility, yet we are flexible, unpretentious, and different. We listen to you. Your success is our strength.


It’s ok to add the words “modern” and “fun” into the the legalease. We know your concerns and can help you find a real solution with an unconventional approach. We know your language, and we have your back.


Our firm is built on years of experience. We’ve been there. We know that the world of law can be pin-striped and just as expensive. We are loosely-woven and affordable.


We forge our own path—no restrictions, no over-thinking. We are casual group of dedicated and experienced professionals who can help you find your path in the legal mire.